Other information

Complaints and appeals
       Complaints and appeals from the Applicant regarding the subject of performed certification works must be performed in appropriate manner and sent in free form to the Head of Certification body on the Applicant's company letterhead with detailed description of the subject and justification of the complaint or appeal. Appeals must be submitted to Certification body no later than one calendar month after the completion of the subject of work. The certification body examines those appeals that relate to the subject of the work to be performed. Complaints or appeals do not cancel the decisions of Certification body from being effective.
Upon receipt of complaint or appeal, the head Certification body within five working days informs in writing the Applicant about the receipt. Also he informs Applicant about the approximate time frame for review of complaint or appeal and informs him of the composition of the commission that will review mentioned complaint or appeal. Complaint or appeal usually considered within no more than two calendar months, however, in some cases, the period for review can be extended up to three months. The results of consideration of complaint or appeal by the applicant can be challenged by Applicant within seven calendar days. Each complaint or appeal registered in the complaint and appeal registration log.
Complaints are reviewed by an internal committee of Certification body but appeals by an impartiality committee.
During review of complaint or appeal, Certification body takes all necessary steps to make an objective and impartial decision on the subject of complaint or appeal, and is also responsible for collecting and verifying all necessary information to make a decision on mentioned complaint or appeal.
In order to prevent conflicts of interest, personnel, including management, who provided the customer with advice or were hired by the customer for work, and was also involved in the subject of the complaint or appeal, are not involved by Certification body to analyse or make a decision on the complaint or appeal of a specific customer during two years after the end of the above mentioned factors.
       Based on the results of the review of complaint or appeal corrective measures which may affect the previously made decisions of Certification body should be identified, carried out and documented.
       Applicant must be notified about the results of the review of complaints and appeals, and about required taken corrective actions. Information shall be sent by registered to the address indicated in the application for certification.
If Applicant is not satisfied with the result of review of complaints and appeals, he has rights to apply to the court at the location of Certification body.

Applicant's rights and obligations
The main rights of the Applicant:

  1. Acquisition of full information regarding module/scheme of certification, verification procedures, including explanation of the requirements of regulations used for assessment of conformity of the product;
  2. Use the certificate of conformity to attest to a third party that products comply with certain standards or other regulations in accordance with indications of the certificate of conformity;
  3. Submit complaints and appeals against the actions of Certification body only regarding the subject of the performed works;
  4. Refer to certification of products in the media and in promotional materials (documents, brochures, etc.).

       The main responsibilities of the Applicant:

  1. Acceptance and payment for performed works of certification of products arising from the contract;
  2. Written confirmation that the application for certification was not submitted to any other product Certification body;
  3. Prior implementation it is required to inform Certification body about all changes in the product and (or) the process of its production and (or) the quality management system (if any) that affect the conformity of the product;
  4. Not to use the certification of its product in a way that could damage the reputation of Certification body, and also not to make any statements regarding the certification of its products that Certification body may consider misleading or unlawful;
  5. In case of suspension, cancellation or termination of certification, to stop referring to it in advertising materials that contain any references to certification, and take the measures required by the module/scheme of certification (for example, return of certification documents) and any other required measures;
  6. Issue of only fully reproduced copies of documents or as indicated by the module/scheme of certification;
  7. Applicant must summarize, review and keep records of known complaints about certified products, inform Certification body in writing and take appropriate documented actions in relation to complaints and any deficiencies found in the products that affect compliance with certification requirements;
  8. Constant (also after completion of works stipulated by the contract) compliance with the certification requirements and compliance with the conditions of the certificate, including the implementation of the relevant changes brought to it by Certification body;
  9. Compliance with requirements established by Certification body or specified by module/scheme of certification, when referring to the certification of the products in such media sources as documents or advertising brochures;
  10. To use and to provide certificates of conformity, or its copies only on behalf of the Applicant;
  11. To register issued copies of certificates of conformity.