About Us

      BALTIC CERTIFICATION CENTRE LLC. is the certification authority that operates in the European Union market for more than 15 years as an independent and competent company, providing the objective assessment of the conformity of railway products in the wide area of accreditation. The authority is accredited in accordance with the standard EN ISO/IEC 17065 by the National Accreditation Bureau of Latvia. National Accreditation Bureau of Latvia is recognized in all European Union member states and other signatory countries that have signed the European Accreditation Cooperation Multilateral Recognition Agreement EA MLA https://european-accreditation.org/mutual-recognition/the-ea-mla.
      The employees of the certification authority are highly qualified, with profound experience in assessing the conformity of railway products, which allows us to consider that they are the most qualified and experienced employees in assessing the conformity of railway products in the European Union.
      Over the years, the certification authority has certified various types of railway products, such as diesel locomotives, electric trains, diesel trains, freight and passenger wagons, track machinery and others.
      The financial support of the certification authority is implemented from the funds obtained from its professional activities with applicants and/or investments of the owners of the company in which the authority operates, as a result of which the reimbursement of all costs of the certification authority is ensured, including salaries and the obligation to make reserves for execution of liabilities in accordance with the existing risks that arise in the activity of the certification authority.
      The civil liability of the professional activity of the certification authority is insured.